Mozilla, Firefox 14 Misrepresents SSL

Firefox Browser Beefs Up Search Security
Mozilla says it has begun distributing its latest version of the Firefox browser with a new feature that will encrypt all Google searches by default. The security feature in Firefox 14, dubbed HTTPS Google Search, can shield users from advertisers or hackers that harvest data about users…

I can’t help but laugh at the premise. “Firefox is more secure because you can visit Google with SSL!”

Well actually, you can do that in any browser. And all the others support native SSL for all built-in search boxes. Firefox hasn’t done that yet? Tsk tsk tsk.

But more importantly, the claim is that it makes it more secure by not sharing your browsing trends with advertisers like, well, Google. Though, of course Google, being the biggest online advertising platform in the world, just happens to be the only one that would actually see your search terms under this fancy new security implementation. Sigh.

Mozilla is first major tech company to denounce CISPA

While I disagree with Mozilla’s ‘forced update’ cycle, I’m proud that they took a stance against CISPA. Way to go, Mozilla!

Learn more about CISPA and read the bill text here.